Stage lighting,Guangzhou Baiguan Stage Lighting Equipment Co., Ltd.

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                More suitable products
                Import of key components to ensure good quality of every light
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                Intentions to serve customers, with professional achievements of the brand
                Stage lighting outstanding enterprises
                Free lighting system engineering solutions
                Years of lighting industry experience
                Baiguan Stage construction stage services such as audio-visual equipment suppliers.
                Guangzhou Baiguan Stage Lighting Equipment Co., Ltd.

                        We are a science and technology enterprise that integrates professional stage lighting equipment product development, production, domestic and foreign sales and service. The company produces stage lighting equipment series with its unique appearance, stable quality, first-class craftsmanship, and high quality service. It has won the recognition of people from all walks of life in the United States for its low price and high quality, and has a higher "performance-price ratio" in similar products.

                        Our products are suitable for all kinds of mid-range, high-end stage, song and dance theater, television studio, multi-functional conference hall, performing arts plaza, organ hall, entertainment city, DISCO night club, bar, slow shake bar, disco, karaoke, family Party and other entertainment venues.

                        The main products are: Moving Head Lights, Computer Scan Lights, Computer Follow Lights, Laser Lights, Strobe Lights, Pattern Flower Lights, Program Effect Lights, Outdoor Lights, Fog Machines, Bubble Machines, Snow Flakes, Lighters, Stage Lights , A variety of DMX512 console, professional LED and so on.

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